The Top Dating Sites in India and Their Features

Advancements in technology have made online dating a viable alternative to the traditional approach. Even in India, where casual dating is not part of the culture, online dating has caught on in a big way. Today, there are numerous dating sites in India that provide a forum where people can find the love of their lives in a safe and secure environment.

In India, these sites are commonly known as relationships apps to eliminate the stigma of casual dating. If you are an Indian single, who would like to find love, feel free to visit any of the dating sites listed below. Each provides a reliable platform to meet someone with a similar way of life, beliefs, and values.

Some of the most popular dating sites in India include:



This site provides a free online platform for potentially meeting your life-partner. IndianDating is a dating site by definition, but it’s userbase consists of members who are predominantly commitment-minded. It also has unique features that fit well with the Indian culture, as opposed to the typical westernized dating sites. Indians all over the world opt for this dating website because it offers safety and reliability.

How It Works

To sign up, you just provide your age, gender, and location, in addition to your email address. You can also choose to register through Facebook rather than your email address, if you’d prefer to keep things simple. After registration, feel free to use the the live chat and instant messaging features provided on this dating site.


  • This site’s filtering functions make it easy to find a perfect partner. The advanced filtering options allow you to choose your partner based on ethnicity, religion, and even location. It also allows you to connect with people with similar interests and hobbies.
  • The privacy control feature allows you to control what information is shared with others. You also have the option to control who’s able to see your profile.


Being one of the oldest dating sites, Match boasts over 13.5 million visits per month. The dating site was launched in 1995, and today it has over 30 million members. Match serves over 24 countries and has grown to become one of the top dating sites in India.

How it Works

The site has put appropriate measures to ensure that you are safe and secure as go about your search. The names and the contacts of all members are kept confidential. Only a member can choose to share their information with their potential match. All the communication amongst members takes place through an anonymous email network to ensuring user privacy.

Features has unique features that allow you to find your ideal partner in a short period. These features include:

  • This site provides a professional matchmaker that helps you in finding the right partner. However, this is offered for an additional small fee.
  • com is keen on ensuring integrity, safety, and security for all its members. Using an anti-fraud screening process, all profiles are heavily scrutinized before approval.


IndianCupid is part of the Cupid media network which boasts more than 30 dating websites. This is a site for people who are looking for a romantic spark, regardless of their relationship goals. It offers an exciting experience where users are encouraged to mingle with other singles. The app is available all the world and is quickly rising in popularity.

How it Works

As a Member, you’re free to have up to 26 photos on your profile. These photos are screened by the customer care team to ensure the content is appropriate before being approved. Through the app’s writing sections, the members are free to express themselves in a more detailed way.

Also, you can have selected preferences regarding the type of partner you are looking for. The site has an extensive database of available matches, enabling you to connect with a wide variety of potential partners.


  • This website is fully featured and free to use but offers an affordable subscription service that includes various premium features. Many users report the paid service is worth the price.
  • Ease of use. This is a simple, easy-to-understand website. IndianCupid employs a modern interface to make it easy to navigate.