Finding the Right Business Card for You

A good business card can do a lot for any professional. If you want to be able to promote your business to anyone you meet, it can help significantly to have a card on hand everywhere you go. The advantages of business cards are abundant and varied. They can help you give off a professional vibe. They can communicate to others that you take your business seriously. Overall, they’ll help you stand out in a positive way.

Business cards can also be great for people who want to network with others in their fields. If you want to be able to establish relationships with other people who could, in the future, consider recruiting you for a new position or project, a good business card can often work like a charm.

Choosing the Perfect Business Card

It’s not enough to just have a business card, however. You also have to find a business card that’s 100 percent suitable for your needs and aspirations. The good news is that you can design a business card on your own.

A reputable company like Vistaprint can help you create a customized business card that’s made to your specifications. Vistaprint will take note of your specific requests and create a business card that reflects the work that you do. Its staff members will pay attention to your design suggestions and provide high quality prints that follow your layout requests.

Locating Coupon Codes, Discounts, Promotions and Offers

Printing a business card can sometimes be rather costly. That’s why people should seek out budget-friendly opportunities. Printing companies regularly have deals and promotions that can help customers save big on their business card projects. If you want to print a few hundred business cards without fears of breaking the bank, you should make a point to look for current coupon codes and discounts.

A coupon code may be able to help you save a significant amount of money on your printing needs. Additionally, a discount that offers free shipping can also cut costs significantly. “Limited time only” promotions and offers can be excellent incentives for people who are contemplating investing in business cards.

If you want to find attractive business card printing deals on the Internet, reputable search engines such as Google and Bing are your best friend. It can also be smart to visit prominent savings websites that do the research for you. There are quite a few Internet platforms that focus solely on hot new deals that are available through ecommerce sites all around the world.

Consider Paper Quality

A business card that looks neat and professional is essential, that’s not in question. Business cards have to look meticulous and well designed. Your name, position, and contact information have to be on display in a clear and attractive manner. If someone is confused as to why they have your card, you’ve lost someone’s attention.

Surprisingly, texture is an important quality people assess when taking your card. A card that feels high quality can keep the recipient interested, even if the design does not. If you make the mistake of printing your business cards on paper that’s far from durable and strong, they may represent you poorly. The last thing you want to do is put money into a business card that’s actually counterproductive.

When selecting a printing company, read business reviews from as many past clients as possible. If you find reviewers who complain about poor paper quality, that may be an indication that you should explore other available choices. It can also be intelligent to work with a printing firm that presents you with plentiful options in business card printing paper.

Vistaprint is a well-known printing company that gives its customers access to glossy, matte, and heavyweight paper. The more paper choices you have, the better. The option that works best for your business card may not necessarily be optimal for someone else. This rings true the other way as well.

Paper Thickness

General paper quality is one important factor to consider, but paper thickness is yet another avenue to explore. If you want to choose the ideal business card, you need to pay careful attention to paper stock. “Paper stock” is a common term that describes business card thickness. Vistaprint gives customers convenient standard, signature, and ultra thick choices.

The standard thickness option costs the least, whereas signature paper costs a little more. The signature thickness option is suitable for people who are interested in additional thickness. The price difference, however, is not at all significant. Ultra thick paper, lastly, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s business card printing paper that’s remarkably tough and resilient. If you worry about your business cards ripping prematurely, ultra thick paper can give you peace of mind.

Matte and Glossy Paper Options

Business card design is often a matter of personal preference. That’s the beauty of it. Ask yourself what exactly you want to communicate with your card. Perhaps you’re an interior designer who wants to convey friendliness and accessibility. Maybe you’re a no-nonsense computer programmer who wants to come across as being serious and polished. You simply have to select a business card design that’s fully in line with the image in your mind.

Glossy paper has a pleasant texture and can be great for professionals who work in the arts. Matte paper, on the other hand, tends to look a lot more traditional. Matte paper finishes tend to seem “safer” than their glossy counterparts for those reasons. Glossy finishes can be good for people who wish to give their business cards a bit of flair. Matte ones can be good for individuals who want business cards that are more dependable and straightforward.

Assessing the Competition

Vistaprint has a good number of widely known competitors who offer similar business card printing services. Staples is one prominent company that gives customers access to many options in finishes and colors. The company also gives them access to plentiful paper thickness choices. GoPrint is a well-known company that has similar options. GoPrint customers can choose between standard, circle and square business cards. They also have more unconventional choices in business card shapes. These include oval, leaf, and slim forms.

MOO, finally, is a printing business that gives customers many choices in paper and shapes. It also presents them with distinctive and attractive features such as spot gloss and gold foil. If you’re considering recruiting Vistaprint for your business card printing needs, you should assess all of the company’s available options first. This company is a strong and popular choice for business card printing projects of all sizes.