Satisfy Your Sugar Cravings on the Cheap

Sugar cravings are the worst, and the best, for candy lovers. You get to treat yourself to a world of gummy bears to chocolate truffles. Yet, if there isn’t any candy in the cupboards when the next craving hits, you’ll be desperately trying to mix up homemade treats or making a late-night trip to the store.

Saving money in the long run while keeping your shelves full are both attainable goals, as different as they may sound. There are many ways to satisfy your sweet tooth without spending a lot of money. You can start saving right now with these tips for finding the best prices, and best variety in those confectioner’s treats.

Look for Candy Coupons
Not many people know that you can cut your candy costs with coupons and special offers. There are usually a few coupons in weekly advertisements that you can clip to use at the grocery store. Another option is to sign up for online coupons. Many sites feature printable manufactur coupons that are good at your local store. Savvy shoppers can combine a printed coupon with local specials to save big.

When buying candy online, you can also find discount codes from specific retailers. For instance, RetailMeNot hosts discount codes and printable coupons for thousands of retailers including some candy wholesalers. Search for a potential discount before finishing any online purchase. Signing up for email lists from online candy stores can also lead to some discounts sent to your inbox.

Look for Rewards
Some name brand candy companies and candy stores have rewards programs that give points towards future purchases or gifts for frequent customers. Look at your favorite brands to see if they offer any kind of customer loyalty program. For example, Jelly Belly has a Sweet Rewards Program that gives coupons, freebies, and free shipping for reaching certain point levels.

Buy Wholesale Candy
When you really want to save money on candy, consider buying wholesale. This is candy that is sold in bulk by retailers and warehouses that cater to other vendors. The packaging may look different and you might even get a lot of loose candy, but the taste is still the same. Wholesale candy is sold in packages of at least one pound, but you might occasionally find deals on bigger packages. So, the initial price might seem higher, but your purchase will last longer and you’ll be able to snack on more sweets.

Buying in bulk also means that you’ll probably be limited to one type of candy. This can be a plus if you really like a certain brand or flavor of treat.

Shop for Out-of-Season Candy
The highest discounts can be found in old seasonal candy. Real sugar lovers know to hit their local big-box stores for half-off sales on candy the day after holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Easter. This also applies to buying wholesale. Search for bulk candy suppliers selling out-of-season treats for discounts ranging from ten percent up to fifty percent off regular pricing.

This is possible because seasonal candy usually features holiday flavors and packaging. For instance, retailers have a hard time moving candy canes at any other time of year but Christmas. If you don’t mind the seasonal packaging, this pro shopping tip can save you a lot of money. Plus, candy is mostly sugar and won’t go bad for months after the holiday is over.

Consider Candy Assortments
Like the cheap bulk mixed bag of candy retailers offer during Halloween, wholesale shops also have bulk candy assortments for less. If all you want is an influx of sugar and you don’t care how it comes, this is a great option. Candy assortments usually feature hard candy, gum, taffy, sugar dust, and lollipops. You’ll rarely find chocolate or expensive name brands in candy assortments. However, these are sold in the pounds, so you get a lot of candy for your money. When you’re hosting a children’s party or just need some stocking stuffers, assortments are the way to go.

Buy Online to Save
These days everyone goes online to buy hard-to-find items or get the best deals on bulk purchases. When you have a craving for a type of candy that local stores no longer sell, online wholesalers may be the best solution. Many wholesalers cater to candy stores and vendors, so you can find low prices, variety, and agreeable shipping costs.

Pay Attention to Shipping Costs
When you buy candy online, you’ll usually have to pay for shipping costs. This added expense can quickly take a deal from sweet to sour. Since candy is heavy, it can cost a lot to deliver. You may want to consider using a candy wholesaler that offers flat rate shipping, discounts on larger purchases, or even free shipping. Such wholesale sites are few and far between, but when you find one that is reliable, the search is well worth the sweet reward.

On a side note, if you opt for online purchases, make sure to keep the weather in mind. When ordering in the summertime, the heat can melt your treats. Some retailers offer Styrofoam packaging and ice packs for an additional fee to keep your candy in the best possible shape.

Online Candy Stores
If you can’t wait to start shopping for cheap candy, consider looking for bulk or wholesale retailers online. These sites sell large quantities at vendor pricing, saving you more money per ounce than with regular retailers. You have dozens of sites to choose from, but here are a few that stand out for their variety of options, shipping rates, and website navigation.

Oriental Trading: This company sells a lot of retail goods, including wholesale bulk candy. If you check often you’ll also see candy with additional discounts for bigger savings. They also offer flat rate shipping and the option for next day shipping.

Candy Warehouse: Big on name brands and seasonal candy, the Candy Warehouse is the place to go for a large variety of themed candy. They offer shipping and free on-site pickup for customers living in Charlotte, NC, or Long Beach, CA.

Candy Nation: Run by a wholesale candy company with an on-site warehouse location, this website is geared towards the public and vendors. It is super easy to navigate with options to shop by color, theme, brand, and flavor. Customers living near Pottstown, PA, can also arrange to pick up their candy by appointment and avoid shipping costs.

Candy Favorites: Offering a variety of bulk candy options, this retailer also provides free shipping on orders of $89.95. Fun and easy to navigate, the CandyStore offers flat rate shipping of $6.99 and free shipping on orders over $100.