Online Coupons: 5 Top Tips

Couponing is nothing new to consumers in this day in age. Over the years, I’m sure you’ve received thousands of coupons in the mail or coupons that are included with products. Using paper coupons can be a real hassle — all the cutting and sorting and making sure your purchase fits the proper criteria is enough to dissuade even the most financially conscientious customer away from the hassles of couponing. With advancements in technology and online marketing methods, new ways of saving have been implemented by thousands of businesses in the form of online coupons.

Today, we will talk about where to find online coupons and how to use coupon codes to help you find incredible savings, and other methods for properly utilizing your online coupons.

Know the Terms

I’m sure you’ve tried to use a coupon in the store, just to have the clerk tell you that it can’t be redeemed for your purchase. It’s a very frustrating time, and it can be enough to make you give up on couponing entirely. If you’ve ever experienced this, fret not, because there is an easier way! Using digital, online coupons is a great way to avoid stressful situations like this.

Knowing the terms of your online coupon will ensure you meet the agreed upon terms like you will get a certain percentage off the price if you spend a certain amount. Just make sure you’re going to save. Spending more money just to save money is counter-intuitive even though you feel like you’re still saving.

Use Coupons for Products You Use and Frequent a Few Coupon Sites

The first tip here is use coupons for products you use. Couponing for products you use is an incredible way to ensure you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. Studies have shown that 27% of people waste consumable products. Take stock of what you use and make a detailed list of all the products you use, do a search for online coupons for those products. Knowing exactly what you want to buy is a surefire way to save a considerable amount of money on consumable goods.

Combining coupons, both physical and digital can also be used to your benefit. A lot of business will accept multiple coupons for individual items, so why not indulge? For example, ziplock bags go on sale frequently and almost always come packaged with their own coupons. Combine the savings bundled with the ziplock bags with any coupons you find online and you can multiply your savings.

The next tip on our list is choosing the best coupon sites to be frequenting. Selecting a few coupon websites to frequent and search for coupons for the products you buy. The best time to browse online coupon sites is generally at the beginning of the month, manufacturers only want a certain number of coupons out in circulation, make sure you check early in the month for the best deals. I’ll add a list of the best coupon sites to scour for your favorite products.

  • The Krazy Koupon Lady
  • Price Blink
  • Passion For Savings
  • Mambo Sprouts
  • Hip 2 Save
  • Free Shipping
  • She Saved
  • Grocery Smarts
  • Coupons
  • Red Plum
  • Retail Me Not
  • Smart Source
  • Money Saving Mom
  • Coupon Chief
  • Groupon
  • Val Pak
  • Living Social

Check Manufacturer and Store Sites

Instead of sticking to couponing websites, another great option is to search your favorite products manufacturers websites for coupons. This method requires some detective work, but most of the time you can have them sent to you by signing up for their email mailing list or have coupons texted to your cell phone. You usually can sign up for both methods while shopping in your favorite stores.

If you have a sharp wit about you, searching manufacturers sites can yield you some incredible savings. Here are some Manufacturer sites to find savings for your consumer needs. Knowing where to find online coupons is half the battle.

  • Arm & Hammer coupons
  • Apple & Eve juice coupons
  • Back to Nature coupons
  • Betty Crocker coupons
  • Box Tops for Education products coupons
  • Campbell’s soup coupons
  • Coffee-Mate coffee creamer coupons
  • General Mills coupons
  • Healthy Choice coupons
  • Horizon Organic dairy product coupons
  • Hormel coupons
  • Juicy Juice coupons
  • Kellogg’s brand cereal coupons
  • Kraft coupons
  • Nescafé/Taster’s Choice coffee coupons
  • Ocean Spray cranberry juice coupons
  • Organic Valley dairy product coupons
  • Pillsbury coupons
  • Simply Organic spice coupons
  • Smart Balance coupons
  • Splenda sugar substitute coupons
  • Tyson chicken coupons
  • V8 juice coupons
  • Clorox coupons
  • Colgate coupons
  • Cottonelle coupons
  • Dryel coupons
  • Green Works coupons
  • Hefty coupons
  • Johnson & Johnson coupons and savings club
  • Kleenex coupons
  • Lysol coupons
  • Proctor & Gamble coupons
  • Reynolds Wrap coupons
  • Rubbermaid coupons
  • Scott brand coupons
  • Swiffer coupons

Another unconventional way to find some coupons without using couponing sites is going to going to your favorite shopping centers sites to see what kind of coupons they can offer exclusively from the manufacturers that you can’t find anywhere else. You can search the web for websites that have a list of your favorite store websites and see if they have any special coupons for the month, promotional deals you can stack with coupons and weekly specials. I’ll pop a list of websites below so you can check and see if your favorite store has coupons available.

  • Coupon Sherpa
  • Target Coupons
  • Stage
  • Deal Catcher
  • Walmart Coupons
  • Costco Coupons
  • Meijer Coupons

Check for Coupon Stacking, Free Shipping Deals, and Email Newsletters

If you frequently shop online, figure out which websites allow stacking of coupons and promotional offers together to ensure you get the most savings at check out. Many sites allow coupons to stack with gift cards so if you have any gift cards for stores, wait until they have special deals and promotions so you can get more for less. Just make sure to know which companies allow coupon code and promotion stacking with gift cards and other codes.

Another great way to utilize your coupon codes is to look out for codes that offer free shipping for your orders. Depending on the size of your order, free shipping could save you a lot of money while you shop. Most websites offer free shipping when you have spent a certain amount on your order; this is awesome for when you have additional coupon codes to use.

Websites like Lozo allow you to type your shopping list into a search and provide you with coupons directly into your email. It’s a good idea to make a separate email account for your coupon emails and codes, so you don’t run the risk of spamming your email account.

Knowing how to use online coupons and knowing what the best coupon sites are will go a long way in giving you the best savings while shopping online. Coupon codes are usually changed daily, weekly and monthly so make sure you keep up with your favorite retailer’s active coupon codes, so you know when the items you buy will be on sale. Make a list of all the products you want to shop for and know when the manufacturers will have coupons and special promotions available will significantly increase your savings while you do your online shopping.