Where to Find Toilet Paper Coupons: 5 Top Tips

The days of clipping and searching for coupons are over for good. There are new and super fun ways to save money, especially when it comes to that one item on which we all spend the most money: toilet paper.

If you have ever asked “how do you use coupons?” then this is the read for you. Stock up, save money, and never run out of the household’s most necessary commodity.

Check out this cool tips on how to find toilet paper coupons.

  1. In-Store Coupons

In-store toilet paper coupons are money-saving discounts printed by individual retail or grocery stores. They are commonly found at the store’s entrance, in the same location where you would find the store’s weekly sales ad.

Some in-store coupons can also be found throughout the store in specially-marked spots near the product that is being discounted. Typically, in-store coupons have the logo of the store and feature an expiration date. However, since these are discretionary discounts, the store can choose to extend the expiration date, or not have an expiration date at all.

The reason these coupons are called “in-store” is because that is precisely where you will get the discounts: You do not have to mail them out for redemption.

Redeeming In-Store Coupons

It is very easy to redeem in-store toilet paper coupons . All you do is show the coupon to the cashier, who will scan the coupon, and apply the discount to the toilet paper when you pay.

This is important: Be sure to get the exact product that the coupon states!

In order to get your coupon honored, you must have the size, brand, and version of the toilet paper exactly as it is stated on the coupon. Therefore, research your local grocery and retail stores and see what are the toilet paper brands that most often get coupon offers, and clip or print ahead.

  1. Manufacturer’s Coupons

These coupons are made and distributed by the brand that manufactures the toilet paper. This means that, even though you are still using the coupon in a store, just like the in-store coupon, it will be the manufacturer that will end up paying the store for the discounted product.

Manufacturer coupons are also found everywhere, either in stores, or on Sunday coupon inserts that usually go inside the local newspaper. They can also be obtained online for printing from sites dedicated to coupons and, of course, in the manufacturer’s website.

Just conduct a simple online search of your favorite toilet paper brand. There will be a section for sales and promotions in the company’s website that may include manufacturer coupons for printing, or to be used digitally as well.

Redeeming Manufacturers and In-Store Coupons Together

Depending on the store policy, you can add a manufacturer’s coupon to an in-store coupon and save twice as much money. You must read the entire print of the coupon first before trying to redeem it. Follow the rules, and save a ton!

  1. Coupon Websites

Like previously stated, there are websites that are entirely dedicated to collecting and promoting the most recently posted coupons, whether they are in-store coupons, manufacturer coupons, and coupon codes. All you do is find, collect, and save!

Fortunately, the practice of couponing has become so popular that a simple online search will lead you to hundreds of sites featuring the latest coupons, discount codes, and digital sales available.

When you enter any of these sites, the coupons will be featured either by manufacturer or by store name. They may also be categorized by type of coupon such as:

  • restaurant coupons- good only for restaurant purchases at the location stated on the coupon.
  • grocery coupons- good only for grocery items, or items that can be found in grocery stores, such as toilet paper
  • online only coupons- good only when purchasing the product online

The coupons may be also found by product, so do not be surprised if there is a link made just for toilet paper coupons.

Once you select your coupons in these websites, you can print them at home, or get a code that can be processed digitally using coupon applications for smartphones. Some codes can just be copied and pasted in the “Apply Coupon” or “Apply Discount Code” blank that is comes up when you checkout and pay for an item online. Read on so you can learn more about coupon codes.

  1. Coupon Codes

You already learned that coupons websites may show coupons in two ways: for printing, or for using them digitally as a coupon code. Let’s talk more about this.

A coupon code is a random code made of letters, numbers, or symbols. They are generated by the manufacturer, or the by a store, to encourage less paper usage, or just to make the redemption process easier and faster.

Coupon websites offer a section for online coupon codes. Again, all you do is copy and paste the code in the space provided that will prompt you to enter it during the checkout part of your purchase. You will see the total price of your purchase shrink instantly, right after you apply the code.

Searching for coupon codes online is as much fun as clipping coupons and printing them. The same results happen with both kinds: lower prices!

  1. Popular Ways to Find Toilet Paper Coupons

Whether you prefer to clip, or cut and paste online, the important thing is to be vigilant, at all times. Some great ideas to be always “in the know” include:

  • Sign up for retailer’s loyalty clubs- They always offer additional coupons that are not published on regular ads. They also offer double and triple coupons to customers for buying the store brand or the promotional brand of the week.
  • Get alerted by email or text- Many coupon websites will ask that you join their email list, or offer your phone number to get you the latest information on available coupons by email or text.
  • Get a coupons app on your phone- Just search in your phone’s application store and download those that offer coupons that can be used either online, by phone, or to send to a printer from your own phone, too!
  • Stock up!- Running out of toilet paper is a nightmare that can be easily avoided when you buy in bulk. Look for toilet paper coupons that advertise the larger, multiple roll options. You may end up saving more by buying more.

Toilet paper comes in individual rolls, in four-packs, six-packs, eight-packs and twelve-packs. However, you can also get them twice that size in 18, 24, and 36-roll packs. When it comes to toilet paper, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Start your coupon search today and sign up for savings whenever you get a chance! Coupons are money. Free money. Do not pass a good chance to save some money on your next trip to the grocery store or pharmacy.