How to Turn Your Smartphone Into a Fully Functioning Dashcam

man holds the steering wheel firmly with both handsOver the past few years, there’s been a surge of dashboard-mounted cameras that capture stunning visuals and videos of things like meteorites or police activity on the road. Have you ever wanted to record dangerous drivers on the road or have that extra security surveillance that proves you weren’t speeding or driving recklessly? Instead of spending money on costly dashcam equipment, you can convert your smartphone into a fully functioning dashcam and record the action from your journey with some brag-worthy video.

Before you start, you will need

  • A smartphone
  • A dashcam app
  • Car dock
  • Car charger

Install an App

There are many apps out there that can convert your Smartphone into a security cam. Here are a few you might want to consider.

  • AutoGuard Blackbox for Android records video, displays and records latitude, speed, acceleration and more. AutoGuard will capture both video and photos, but the videos are captured automatically. In the pro version, once you start recording, the application runs in the background so you can still use your phone for other things.
  • Dashcam for iPhone ($1.99 for the pro version or free for trial) can be used for anything that moves on the road. Dashcam comes with numerous features including speed tracking, distance tracking, video recording and information storing. This data can be handy if you get a ticket or into an accident.
  • Action Cam for Windows ($0.99 for pro version or free for trial) lets you record, play and track your journey. Video tracking shows you exactly where the video was taken. Action Cam trial allows you to record one minute of travel.

Make sure you select an app that you can store and share videos.

Car Dock

Get a dock that’s specifically designed for the model of your phone to securely mount it in on your dash. Make sure you find one that frees the space for the lens to record unobstructed. When the device is correctly mounted, your smartphone dashcam will act as a powerful tool by giving you a clear recording of the road.

Car Charger

Car blackboxes use a lot of power, so you’ll need a charger to keep your phone operating. Using your smartphone as a dashcam will drain the battery – most phones don’t have enough storage and they won’t last long enough on a charge to record hours of high-quality video. You’ll want to keep your phone charging continuously so you’re prepared to use your phone in case of an emergency.

Mounting Rules

Before you go cruising with your newly mounted smartphone dashcam, make sure auto blackboxes are legal in your state. It’s also important you follow the same rules that apply to GPS windshield mounting.

Installing a smartphone dashcam is a great idea if you do a lot of driving. You can start and stop videos, and if there’s an accident, you are able to easily archive videos that record GPS coordinates for later use.