Alarm Clock Apps That Will Help You Get a Better Night’s Sleep

Night SweatsWaking up doesn’t need to alarm you! Here a few alarm clock apps that will help you sleep better so you can wake to a more productive day.

Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle is that gentle nudge that helps you wake and feel happy that you did.

It’s not like those regular alarms that startle you from your deep sleep, and leave you tired and longing for your bed through the day. The reason regular alarms do that is because they often wake you when you’re in your deepest sleep (called REM sleep) – the moments you’re dreaming.

The Sleep Cycle bio-alarm uses the accelerometer in your mobile phone to monitor your sleep cycles through the night and determine the sleep phase you’re in. Using a 30-minute alarm window in the time you’ve set, the alarm wakes you with soothing melodies when you’re in your lightest phase of sleep.

Sleep Cycle is available for $0.99 for iPhone and Android.

Sleep as Android

The Sleep as Android app is similar to Sleep Cycle, but powered only by Android. The alarm clock monitors your sleep cycle and has a smart wakeup feature that gently wakes you in your lightest moment of sleep. Wake to the sounds of nature, relaxing melodies or songs from your music playlist.

It also monitors patterns like sleep deficit, snoring and deep sleep. You can fall asleep to music, which switches off when you’re down. Sleep as Android makes sure you never turn off your alarm and fall back to sleep with the CAPTCHA wake up verification. It also works on Pebble, Tizen or Wear Smartwatches.

You can get a two-week free trial sleep cycle tracking with monitoring — and when you’re ready, the app costs $4.99.


Want to make the most out of your day and savor every second of sunrise? The Sunriser lets you wake, every day, in tandem with the sun. The Smartphone app also has a countdown timer to let you know when the alarm will go off, or how long it is until sunrise. The app will also let you wake up at a specific time, instead of with the early-rising sun. Sunriser is available for your iPhone or iPad on iTunes for $0.99.


Developing a good and stable sleep and waking schedule, combined with regular exercise and early daylight exposure, will help your energy, mood, and overall well-being. Recharge does just that! It’s a personalized six-week program that focuses on a regular sleep schedule, an alarm clock designed to get you out of bed and motivated, increases early daylight exposure and encourages physical activity within two hours of waking. Recharge is part of a study directed at understanding if Smartphone technologies can influence overall health and well-being. The pilot release is available on iTunes at no charge.


Having trouble making it through the day? Are those longer winter days getting darker and darker? SleepBot for iPhone or Android monitors your sleeping patterns and helps you wake feeling refreshed!

All you have to do is “punch in” when you’re about to sleep. Sleepbot does the rest for you. When your phone is in sleep mode, it goes into airplane mode, turns off all music and goes completely silent. Sleepbot monitors your sleep and allows users to set alarms to get the most out of their time in bed.

Sleep Pillow Sounds

Sleep Pillow Sounds is an iOS app that soothes you into a deep sleep with sweet ambient sounds for the perfect cyclical sleep pattern. Select from gentle melodies, atmospheric tunes, quiet city traffic or more.

These sounds are enhanced to induce sleep in even the most difficult sleeper or the loudest environment. When you’re ready to wake, Sleep Pillow Sounds will slowly fade in to ease you from sleep. Get it free, or $1.99 for the full version.