iStock_000016607551SmallEven before Apple had officially announced its Apple Watch, thousands have already been wearing fitness trackers either as bands or clip-ons. These are wearables with built-in sensors and/or accelerometers to monitor fitness factors such as sleep, calories burned, and movement.

Fitness bands are moving beyond being mere accessories or trends. Insurance and health care providers are now looking into these devices when they need to assess your health and well-being.

Perhaps you’re interested in getting a fitness band yourself. But with so many options out there, which one is the best?

Although we’d like to consider all of them, we’ve narrowed down our choices to four. These are some of the most popular and well-reviewed fitness bands:

Factors Nike+ Fuelband SE Jawbone Up24 Samsung Gear Fit Fitbit Flex
Cost $99 $149.99 $149.99 $99.95
Sleep Yes Yes Yes Yes
Calorie Tracker Yes Yes Yes Yes
Alarm Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sync Android and iOS Android and iOS Android Android iOS
Battery Life 5 to 7 days 5 to 7 days 3 days 5 to 7 days
Heart Rate Monitor No No Yes No
Waterproof No Less waterproof Yes Yes

Note: Some data are derived from PCMag.

Using the criteria above, let’s focus on each of them:

Nike+ Fuelband SE

Nike+ Fuelband SE is available in different sizes and a few choice colors, so customization is pretty easy. Its main technology is referred to as Nikefuel, which should keep track of all your movements. However, some users in Amazon do complain of its spotty accuracy, especially with arm movement.

Nevertheless, you may appreciate it for being the cheapest among the four, as well as some of its extras like Nike+ Groups where you can achieve and share goals with friends.

Jawbone Up24

Jawbone Up24 may not be the most aesthetically appealing tracker—it basically looks like a dull rubber band unless you change its color—but it rates better than the first one in Amazon. It’s getting a lot of plus points for its long battery life and sleeping features, which include an alarm and real-time graph chart. Simply put, it’s a more accurate device in measuring sleeping patterns. Engadget also calls it the best among the Jawbone wearables.

Samsung Gear Fit

Of all the four fitness bands in the list, this is considered to be one of the most beautiful. It has an incredible OLED curved display. But beyond the design, it’s more known for trying to be a smartwatch and a fitness band all rolled into one.

As plus points, the Samsung Gear Fit has a heart rate monitor. Simply put, it’s supposed to measure your heart rate in every activity, so you’d know how to optimize your calories burned. The problem is it may not always be accurate. It also works in selected devices it deems compatible that are also Android. And because it’s trying to do two things at the same time, it can easily run out of battery.

Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex stands true to its name: it’s flexible and comfortable to wear. It also has some indicator lights to let you know when it’s charging. It also looks more beautiful than Jawbone. Although it can properly track steps, it sometimes struggles in qualifying it, whether it’s active or not.