The Best Among Movie and TV Streaming Services

streamingHow much do you spend for your cable and satellite TV services? For many Americans, the price of television is only increasing – and, combined with a growing number of complaints about arbitrary charges and poor customer service from big telecoms, it’s no wonder people are looking to ditch cable and satellite TV.

The cost, as well as the easy access and availability of thousands of shows and movies is what’s making more people shift from cable or satellite TV to on-demand online streaming services.

With the many options out there, though, which one is the best?


Anyone who’s not using cable and satellite TV services anymore but relying on Internet for a daily dose of movie and show will tell you that they’re using Netflix—or at least is very familiar with the name.

Netflix is the biggest and the leading video streaming service today despite its still-limited market: it broadcasts only around South and North America and some parts of the Caribbean and Europe.

What gives it an advantage? It has one of the biggest selections of titles ready for streaming. It even has more DVD titles than your closest DVD rental store, and you don’t even have to pay for gas when you use Netflix.

It works in a wide range of devices, some of which support HD viewing. And the best part is, it costs less than $10 a month.

But perhaps a glaring testament of its tremendous growth is the popularity of the Netflix shows. These are TV programs that are meant for streaming only and produced specifically for Netflix. Some of the best titles are Orange Is the New Black and House of Cards.


Hulu appears to be slightly cheaper than Netflix at $7.99. It also streams the most current episodes among all the other popular video streaming services on the list here, and you may enjoy some classic shows such as The Cosby ShowCheers, and Frasier. It also has some original programs, though they may not be as popular as the ones over Netflix. Most of all, it has free content, making it better than cable and satellite TV services at this point.

However, one of its biggest drawbacks is ads. By now, you would have expected that since you’re paying money, you can already get rid of it, and these ads remain even if you’re already in Hulu Plus (although ads don’t run on kid-oriented shows).

Amazon Prime

Here’s the good news: you can watch Amazon Prime shows without paying for the monthly subscription. The downside is you need to pay for every episode or season you wish to stream. But if you like that kind of control, then this service is for you. As of September 2014, Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, though the actual rate is $99/year. Nevertheless, that may be worth the money considering aside from movies, the amount also covers for millions of songs, free two-day shipping for products under Amazon Prime, and access to more than 500,000 e-books.

If you miss your cable and satellite TV, a.k.a. HBO, the service runs shows such as The SopranosOrphan Black is also streamed here.