Google Set to Roll Out New Verification Codes to Deter Hackers

Google fans can rest a little easier knowing that the information they store using Google’s services is going to be a lot more safeguarded after today thanks to “Two-factor authentication.” While it may not sound very appealing, if you’ve ever had your passwords hacked, this new authentication could very well turn out to be your best friend.

Today Google will be announcing that it is bringing this security feature to its millions of users. It will roll out first with Google Apps Premiere, Education, and Government edition customers, but plans are in the works to bring it to all Google users (even those that aren’t using Google Apps Suite) over the next few months. This is going to go a long way toward Google gaining more and more of the trust of its millions of users. While some may not think that’s a good thing, there’s no denying that the company has its customers best interest in mind with this new authentication software.

How does it work? Well basically it takes the login systems that we’re used to now and doubles them up. Most of us just enter in one password and bingo, we’re into our accounts. Should a hacker get a hold of that password, though, he or she can also access our information with ease. What this new system does is after you enter in your password, it will ask you for a six-digit verification code that is generated by your mobile phone that is linked to your Google account. Then you enter the code back into your browser and you’re in. The code can also be generated via SMS or voice call. What that means is that in order for a hacker who has gotten access to your passwords to get into your account, they must also have gotten a hold of your mobile phone as well. Usually that’s not the case, thus making your Google accounts that much safer. You will be able to opt to have to enter the verification code every time, or just once per computer.

Given the fact that users store countless amounts of data on Google and are still falling prey to phishing scams on a regular basis, this is a huge leap in customer security. While it will all be optional, you can bet that Google will be urging its users to take advantage of the new security system as it begins to roll out.