Product Review: Sony X-series Walkman

The Sony X-series Walkman is Sony’s answer to the Zune HD and iPod Touch. The X-series is a flash based player equipped with noise cancellation, touch screen and WI-Fi. The Sony Walkman X- series is not going to give iPod a run its money but it is impressive in its own right.

At first glance, the X-series is sleek and smaller than the iPod Touch. The touch screen on this player is a very responsive OLED screen. The screen is surprisingly clear for PMP and the viewing angles are endless.  The bottom of the player has a fairly large semi-circle switch which makes it easy to control in your pocket. The noise cancelling switch is located on the side, but, only works if you are using earbuds. Speaking of the earbuds, the factory earbuds are better quality than most PMPs. The X-series includes a customizable five-band equalizer and some sound enhancers. You are limited to the codecs Sony supports, so you made need a converter for some files.

The interface on the touch screen is just like most others. You have a grid of icons to navigate the system. The “Navigate” button is great for searching through a list of songs. There are so many buttons and icons I could never discuss all of them here.

The Wi-Fi also supports a variety of apps you can enjoy, of course there are not half as many as iPod. The YouTube is really useful and easy to work. Another cool option of the X-series is the FM radio option. It has a very strong antenna and picks up more stations than other PMPs. The internet browser lakes appeal. It is fairly useless and extremely frustrating. It is much easy to use my sons DSI of the internet than the X-series. The browser does not support large sites and you have to type in the entire web address.

At this time, the Sony Walkman X-series is running about the same as an iPod Touch which is a little appalling considering you have so many more apps and features on the iPod. The X-series does have its appeal. It is solidly built, has a beautiful touch screen, noise cancellation, ok battery life and some nice apps. On the con side the X-series does not have a good web browser and is priced too high.  If Sony were to combine the X-series with one of their Sony Ericson’s cell phones, they would have an awesome product.