How to Connect PC to HDMI TV

These days many people are using the internet to watch movies or TV shows. How awesome would it be to sit back on the couch with you loved ones instead of crowding around the monitor? If you have a HDMI TV, your wait is over, because, you can learn how to connect your computer to your TV right here.

Shut down your computer and turn it around so that you can see the back side. Look for the plug with connects your computer to the monitor. This will be a 15 or 29 pin port. Next to this port you should see a similar port, either DVI or VGA. A HDMI port may also be in that location, on a newer computer. Some computers have only one video output. For these computers you will need to purchase a second video card before continuing.  Purchasing a HDMI video card will make this process easier.

If you are lucky enough to have a HDMI port, simply buy a cable long enough to reach from your computer to the TV and connect the cable. You should now be able to adjust the input on the TV and see your desktop. For all the rest of us there is a little more work.

Purchase a HDMI cable long enough to connect the computer and TV as well as a HDMI adapter to fit your video output on the computer. If you are unsure of the name of the output you have(VGA or DVI), take a picture of the back of your computer and take it with you to the store or look the types up online and compare to your own. These adapters will as attach to you’re your video out cables and audio out cables.

Boot up your PC and set up you TV as a display. Right click on your desktop and select “Display options” or “Personalize.” Locate the display settings and click on monitor two to configure the TV. Select the “Clone” or “Mirror” options. This will show the exact same thing on the TV you see on the monitor.adjust the input on your TV and you should see and hear every from your desktop. Some computers may require a reboot to activate the TV connections. If you don’t want to run from your desk to the couch, you can purchase a wireless mouse and keyboard to make it easier.