Top 5 Guide To Free Great Music Online!

One of the best things, if not the best, about the digital age is the ease and speed of discovering new music…. or even old music newly digitized.

I’m going to share with you my way of legally acquiring free music online. And not just free music, but GOOD music.


KCRW offers two great podcasts; Today’s Top Tune and Morning Becomes Eclectic, which you can also get a video version of you want to see your favorite indie bands performing inside the cozy kcrw studios. You can also stream their music live 24/7 and if you sign up you get two free albums a year, well worth the two minutes it takes. If you absolutely love what you hear I encourage you to donate when and only if you can, as they are a public operated station. You can also volunteer if you’re in the LA area and you’re short on moolah. It’s a great way to meet new people and listen to fantastic up and coming indie artists (as well as some veteran favorites.)


Aux TV is a great music channel that is still actually about music and not cheesy reality shows. They also have a great interactive website for not just alternative and indie fans, but the whole spectrum (but they’re indie stuff is the best). They offer free digital albums to their patrons for just visiting the site, no signing up or anything needed. The latest album, Indie Music Filter V.7 offers cool tunes from bands like Young Galaxy, Ra Ra Riot, Tokyo Police Club and more.


Recrd-Lbl offers a ton of free music, mostly mixes, radio edits and B-sides. Some of it is great and some just bizarre. I recommend taking a listen before taking the time to download five version of your favorite Santigold song, trust me.

4. Daytrotter

What an incredible resource for great music. They record their own sessions and videos with a ton of bands. They have great resources such as their top downloads section and easy share tools.

5. Dead Oceans

Dead Oceans works with a talented bunch of indie artists. They offer free previews of all the music before downloading and a nice rundown of the artists tour dates.

(Photo: Introducing Sun Airway and Nocturne of Exploded Crystal Chandelier Via Dead Oceans)

With all of these sites and a bit of time and exploration you’re sure to find an arsenal of music to keep you happy for your days to come! Happy Hunting.