Droid X Update: Coming in September

For all you anxious Droid X’ers, you’ll be happy to know that Google will release the Droid X Update in early September. As an Android customer, I’m fairly pleased with Froyo 2.2. I just think that the horrible battery life and constant update errors are annoying. I never experienced any freezes when I had my iPhone. Then again, I’m using T-Mobile as a carrier so I suspect that is part of the problem. From what I’ve heard, service and performance varies from carrier to carrier. Verizon is arguably the leading carrier for the Android market, and the Droid X will be on their network exclusively.

The SmartPhone craze to seems to be a non-stop thriller. Every week we’re hearing about new features, apps or updates being released on state-of-the-art phones. Their is so much potential with mobile right now that it’s giving us consumers the pleasure of reaping the technology. The nice thing about this space is that it’s so vast and competitive. Competition tends to bring the best out the best in everyone the better products produced for us consumers.

The iPhone 4G still holds the title as the hottest smartphone on the market right now, but Google’s Android platform looks promising. As more companies continue build new phones, it will be interesting to see what new technologies are introduced. Imagine if Apple adds 3D video capabilities to the iPhone 6G. That might be realistic, don’t you think?