Top Video Memes: Benny Lava

If you haven’t experienced Benny Lava, take a minute, sit back and watch the video so you can understand the greatness in this video.  If you have seen it, admit it. You watched it laughed and shared it with others. I know I did! Benny Lava is one of those videos that just takes off and creates it’s own little sub-culture.  The Benny Lava phenomenon is amazing.

This video is not some crazy moment or tricked out cat it’s just a guy who add subtitles to an Indian song. Buffalax, the original poster of this vid thought the song sound English so the subtitles are what the song sounds like.

This song has become a total craze among European teens.  Hundred are trying to replicate this video in different languages, going as far as replicating the dance move from the original.  This fad has produced ever thing from acoustic versions of the song to a Sara Palin version.

The original song entitled “kalloori Vaanil” features Prabhu Deva. The title “Benny Lava” is how Buffalax heard the word “vennilava”. This video even branded Prabhu Deva as Benny Lava and many of his videos are listed as Benny Lava on

This small video is so wide spread that is has been viewed over 17 million times and  you can actually by Benny Lava merchandise. Every thing from “Who put a goat in there” shirts to “My Loony Bun Is Fine Benny Lava” mugs.