WednesdayTip: Downloading Single Songs For iTunes Playlists

Have you ever been in a situation where you want to download a song and not an entire album? Well, this little technique can help you out in making that awesome iTunes playlist without spending time downloading an entire album.

1 – Go to YouTube and find the video of the song you would like to have on your playlist. YouTube users are synonymous for uploading karaoke versions of songs so basically any tune can be found.

2 – In a separate tab or window navigate to a site called Video2mp3. You’ll be greeted with a bar asking for the URL to the video you would like to convert.

3 – Back in your other tab or window, simply copy the URL, paste it into the area on Video2mp3 and click “convert.” Video2mp3 also allows you to decide on the quality of mp3 you would like to be converted.

4 – When the conversion is complete, you can either click to download the newly created mp3 or simply wait a few seconds and the download will begin automatically.

5 – Now that you have an mp3 file of the video just drag and drop it into iTunes.

It’s really quite simple to make iTunes playlists directly from YouTube videos but there are a few snags in this process. Not all YouTube videos can be converted like in the case of an official music video, but this can be avoided by searching YouTube for a user uploaded version. Also, like in the case of many music videos, the song itself doesn’t actually begin until after a few lines of dialogue. But in most cases a version of nothing more than the song can be found.