Product Review: The Sony Vaio Z Series

The Sony Vaio Z Series of notebooks are group of products that combine great computing power with increased portability.  The Z Series are some of the smallest laptops that also have Blue-Ray disk drives. The Sony Vaio Z Series is the official computer of Agent 007 himself, James Bond.

The sleek design of the Z Series is surprisingly lightweight and portable. It is not as light as a MacBook Air, but it is not far behind. This notebook is a mere 13.3 inches.  The Vaio Z Series seems to radiate elegance.  Even with all the elegance and lightweight design, this notebook is very sturdy. It has a multi-layer carbon fiber casing, which protects against many shocks. The hinges and external features of the Z Series are also extremely strong and firmly attached.

The speakers on this model surprised me. The speakers are small and almost unnoticeable. However, the sound they put out is powerful. The keyboard of the Sony Z Series follows the classic Vaio design, with relatively large spaces between its 82 keys.  I was disappointed in the fact that the keyboard had no supplementary multimedia control keys.  This notebook does offer a speed or stamina switch. This switch allows you to regulate battery usage on the notebook. The switch allows you to adjust graphics on the fly. It also has a wireless switch that activates or deactivates WI-FI or Bluetooth.

Like almost every other laptop, the Vaio Z Series has an Electro-Static touch pad, with two control buttons located directly under it. The Z Series notebook has a biometric fingerprint sensor. Thus, the notebook can very easily authenticate users and secure the information on hard drive.

The Vaio Z Series was designed for business use and this is obvious when trying to play any game with 3D graphics. The display is remarkable on the Vaio Z Series. The screen is a 13.1 inch LCD panel with XBRITE – DuraView technology. Images are very clear and maximum resolutions are 1366 x 768 and 1600 x 900.

Vaio notebooks come with a 60-day free trial of their own office software. It’s not bad software, but I loaded Microsoft Office 2007, Works, Meeting Place and Adobe Acrobat 8 onto mine. The applications work fine as long as you are not creating documents, browsing photos, editing video, checking email and using menus all at once.  For the average multi-tasker this computer will handle three to four tasks at a time fairly well.

To sum up, The Vaio Z Series delivers a good amount of computing power while keeping a sleek, lightweight design.  The screen provides crisp images and the battery lasts for about four to six hours depending on your activity.  The Vaio is more expensive than many other laptops with comparable software and hardware. The gaming capabilities are also lacking in these models.  As long as you are not an uber multi-tasker or gamer these notebooks should work great.