iDosing: Steve Jobs Never Intended This

Have you heard about this new fad that is sweeping teens off their feet online? No? Don’t worry, neither did I until recently, and I have to say – it’s kind of scary.

iDosing is the process on finding an online “drug dealer” who can hook you up with some digital ecstasy through your headphones using MP3’s. Seriously? Music to induce a state of euphoria? Yes, and it seems to be working so well that authorities are taking the issue seriously, concerned that the practice of iDosing could be the gateway to other, more potent narcotics.

The idea is to put on a pair of headphones, lay down, and listen to a music track that is comprised of a droning noise that you focus on, sending your subconscious to another level. Apparently. I tried it, and it annoyed the hell out of me. Some of these tracks are available free on YouTube. Of course, the first hit is always free, right? The one I saw had over 200,000 hits. Get it? Hits?

Once they discover the joys of iDosing for free, kids are encouraged to purchase other tracks which can apparently give them the same feelings as doing cocaine, marijuana, and opium. The kicker? These tracks come with a 40-page guide outlining how you can get high on digital drugs. Are you kidding me?

Could your kids iPod be the new drug? I mean, it’s almost impossible to keep track of what they are listening to while they have their headphones on. Unless they’re like my daughter and blast Eminem to the max, that is. Seriously though, some schools are starting to ban MP3 players in the hopes of preventing this craze from spreading any further. I know I’m probably doing more harm than good writing about it here, but I’m hoping that some responsible parent will see it, and start talking to their children. This isn’t like we’re back in the 70s, where you got high and then cranked the Led Zeppelin. No, this time around the Zepplin is coming first, and then the drugs.

What a crazy, mixed up world we live in. I can hear future leaders now in their president-elect scandals saying, “I swear I had those on mute.” Yes folks, the war on cyberdrugs has begun, and it starts with iDosing. It’s easier to hide than pornography, and could lead to much worse things in your kid’s future.

You don’t have to get all militant on your kids, but talk to them, search out these things for yourself, because the first part in being responsible about something is having the knowledge to back up what you’re speaking to them about.