Product Review: Kodak EasyShare Z915

Kodak was once the most prominent name in the imaging world. With the release of the Kodak EasyShare Z915, They have proven they still have what it takes to stay on top. The Kodak EasyShare Z915 runs around $200 and with the features it offers, this camera is a great price.

One of the most astounding options is the 10- megapixel image quality and 10x zoom. These are features you hardly ever see on a digital camera in this price range. To work with the zoom, the camera has an optical image stabilization feature that works like a charm.

The Kodak EasyShare Z915 is packed full of other options. The camera has a variety of manual controls that allow you to adjust shutter speed, aperture mode, and other features. The camera’s load time is awesome. You can turn the camera on and shoot. This was one of my big complaints about older EasyShare models. The older models take minutes to load everything and get ready to snap a photo.

A couple more features I found intriguing is the Exposure bracketing, which allows multiple pictures to be taken in rapid succession. It also has good options for low-light and no flash pictures. The image quality is spectacular for the price of this camera. There is a 2.5″ LCD screen that can be used to set up the shot. There is no additional viewfinder on the Kodak EasyShare Z915. This is one of those old school options I wish they would have included.

This camera is fairly easy to use and to transfer the images. The options are all organized in the menu and easy to get to. The camera itself is quite bulky and not very stylish. It is durable with a hard plastic shell, but it is not for someone who likes to slide their camera in their pocket.

The video options on this camera are also impressive. The Kodak EasyShare Z915 allows you to zoom in while shooting a video. This is almost never seen in a camera of this price range. The camera’s battery life runs down quickly in video mode and is not really up to my standards. Of course, I can easily take 600 pictures on a three day vacation, too.

If you need a camera to learn on or just want great quality pictures, this is a great camera for the price. I would suggest that you invest in a set of rechargeable batteries to supplement the poor battery life in the Kodak EasyShare Z915.