YouTube Gives $5 Million To Vloggers

A lot of amazing announcements came out of Vidcon, but none more important for independent video bloggers than YouTube‘s announcement to give $5 million is grant money. The announcement came as part of the Century City talk at Vidcon and reached about 1000 live audience members. During the chat, YouTube’s Manager of Partner Development George Strompolos made the announcement as a thank you from YouTube to it’s users,

They’ve invested in us for years by creating content. And now it’s our turn to invest in them.

The $5 million will be given to some of YouTube’s more devoted video bloggers (vloggers) in hopes of improving production quality. Strompolos went on to suggest that popular independent vloggers will be given money to do anything to make their productions better. This includes things like better video equipment, post production software or even actors.

YouTube sees the grant money as less of a hand-out to vloggers and more of an investment to the company. If users are able to make better videos, then more people will watch.

YouTube themselves plan to decide on which vloggers will receive grant money and plan to be in contact with a handful of their more prominent and popular independent vloggers. Those who do get contacted will then be asked to put together a proposal based on their idea for content, a marketing plan, a budget and advertiser appeal among other things.

Although the YouTube grants probably won’t reach the everyday jo-blo who stands in front of the webcam, this is a good thing in terms of production quality and viewership. YouTube wins for having higher production value on the content then share, vloggers win because they can actually be paid and viewers win because it looks as though we can expect some great new videos in the coming years.