False Flag Cyber Attack Could Takedown The Internet

False Flag Cyber Attack

What would happen if the entire Internet went down?  What would we do?

Former White House counter terrorism advisor Richard Clarke claims that the American government’s lack of control over the Internet could lead to a “Pearl Harbor” attack on our country without a single terrorist setting foot on American soil.  Clarke painted a picture of absolute horror in his book Cyber War: The Next National Security Threat, written with Robert Knake, where Internet providers are obliterated.  Chemical plants malfunction and release toxic gases into the air, whole cities black out, planes have mid-air collisions, and tens of thousands die in Clarke’s scenario and it all happens in a matter of 15 minutes.

“The biggest secret about cyber war may be that at the very same time the US prepares for offensive cyber war, it is continuing policies that make it impossible to defend effectively from cyber attack,” says the book.  Cyber terrorism is a horrible thing but are Clarke’s claims worth looking into?

Evgeney Moronzov of the Boston Review doesn’t think so.  ”Unfortunately, these reports are usually richer in vivid metaphor—with fears of ‘digital Pearl Harbors’ and ‘cyber-Katrinas’—than in factual foundation.”  Much of the data on the supposed cyber attacks “are gathered by ultra-secretive government agencies — which need to justify their own existence — and cyber-security companies — which derive commercial benefits from popular anxiety.”

People are anxious, but not from cyber attack.  Some believe that the NSA, through the “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act,” are trying to have full control over the Internet, even going so far as to saying the President has the option to shut it down for months at a time.  ”The bill would hand absolute power to the federal government to close down networks, and block incoming Internet traffic from certain countries under a declared national emergency,” says Steve Watson of Prison Planet.  The act has not been approved as of yet and there’s no word as to whether it will be.

Will the government start monitoring and controlling what we view?  Let’s hope not.


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