How To Get YouTube Videos On Your iPod

With all of the rage surrounding iPhones and iPads of late, sometimes we forget that the iPod Touch is still quite an amazing device. You can upload music and video files as well as keep notes and addresses. Although the restrictions of Wi-Fi are somewhat binding, there is a way to get YouTube videos onto your iPod touch. Here’s the easiest method of doing so, using your computer:

1 – Find a YouTube video you would like to upload to your iPod Touch and copy the entire URL.

2 – Go to a site called Youconvertit and navigate to the second tab titled “Online Videos”

3 – Paste the YouTube URL you copied (step 1) into the appropriate box and press “Download”

4 – You will be given multiple file formats to download once Youconvetit has finished formatting, but for iPod specifically choose the format that ends with .mp4

5 – The .mp4 version of the YouTube video is now saved to your computer so simply open up iTunes and add the video to your “videos” folder on your iPod.

6 – Sync you iPod and you’re done.

Note* there are lots of online services that can help you get YouTube videos onto your iPod, but I have found that this is the easiest. Other include: Keepvid, iSquint, Tubestock, and KickYouTube.