The Best Online Webcomics I’ve Ever Seen

When I was a kid I used to gobble up comic books like they were candy. Everything from The X-Men and Batman, to Superman and Spawn. When I got a bit older, I lost my way though, and stopped reading them. Oh, I would occasionally pay a visit to the store and buy some, but they were more of an investment at that time. I’d walk around, grab anything that had a #1 on it, and walk out with a handful, only tout p them in a box somewhere, hoping that one day I would be able to cash in on their success. Unfortunately that never happened. I moved, and lost the box. It was like the universe was punishing me for forgetting about what made comics so great in the first place. They weren’t supposed to be about value, they were about pleasure, and fun, and Wolverine kicking ass. Now, I try and read comics whenever I get the chance. Although I don’t pick up a traditional rag as often as I used to, I do find the time to check out the great offerings the online world has to share. Here then, are four of the best online comics and comic strips that I have discovered.

1. xkcd

Created by Randall Munroe, this little gem began in 2005 after he started scanning doodles from his school notebooks. He got mentioned on BoingBoing, gained some readers, and the rest is history. Labeled as ‘A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language, xkcd has got to be one of the best online comic strips I’ve ever read. Simple, yet telling is how I would sum it up. Check it out see for yourself. I guarantee you’ll LOL.

2. FreakAngels

Created by Edgar-award winning writer, Warren Ellis, FreakAngels is described as a mix of retro-punk and steampunk. Launched on February 15, 2008, it consists of six full-color page episodes every week. A feast for the eyes, if you ask me.

3. Orneryboy

“Orneryboy is about a bitter, angry guy who lives in a spooky old house in suburbia with his terminally happy girlfriend, their pet zombie, and their two cats.” Sound good? It is. I love this one for its simplicity, its dark humor, and hilarious drawings. Created by Michael Lalonde, it may be in Flash, but that doesn’t stop Orneryboy from being one of the best creative comic strips I’ve seen to date. Oh, and he’s Canadian, eh?

4. Ctrl+Alt+Del

Created by Tim Buckley and premiering in 2002, this one is for the true geek. Focusing on everything from nerd culture to Internet gaming, Ctrl+Alt+Del has been well received the world over, has gotten an animated series, been published into print collections, and basically allows Buckley to make a living doing what he loves. Well done, sir. Well done.