Consumer Reports Ranks iPhone 4 As Best Smartphone Available

Consumer Reports iPhone 4

Consumer Reports has been changing its opinion on the Apple iPhone 4 more often than Mel Gibson’s been busted for doing something inappropriate.

At first, the group’s blog stated that there’s “no reason not to buy” the iPhone 4 at its release, giving the smartphone the big thumbs up.  Then Consumer Reports backtracked, saying it “can’t recommend” the phone until the antenna issues were given a free fix (though the blog noted that a piece of tape over the antenna stopped the reception problems).  Now the group has ranked the iPhone 4 as the best in the market, ranking it above HTC’s Evo.

Want to check out what they said?  You can, but for a price.  The smartphone area is only available to paying customers, making it easy for Consumer Reports to say “don’t buy the phone” on the blog (where you still can’t see the whole article without shelling over your cash) but still ranking it higher than other smart phones in the paying area.   If you do pay, you’ll see the iPhone 4 scored a 76 out of 100 points available, while the iPhone 3GS and HTC Evo are both sitting pretty at 74 points each.  Apple is quickly moving to strike all negative Consumer Reports comments from its forums because of the subscription fees involved with the group’s site.

Consumer Reports bases their evaluations on the display, navigation, web browsing, multimedia and battery life of the phone with ratings going from “excellent” to “poor”.  Most of the iPhone 4’s features got an “excellent” rating, with only voice quality getting the lowest (“good”) rating.

I’m not sure why Consumer Reports is being so contradictory to themselves, but I know there are plenty of reviews for the iPhone 4 that don’t require subscription fees.  I’m not sure it makes one bit of difference what their opinion is in the grand scheme of things since folks are more willing to get their information for free.  That’s what the Internet is all about, right?