Tech Tips: Screen Capture For Free

This is a helpful tip for anyone out there who has difficulty talking about something they found online. Here is how to take a capture of your screen on both a Mac and a PC without buying software like SnagIt.

PC Users:

Use your Internet browser to locate an image online. Then find the Print Screen button on your keyboard. Trust me, it’s there on every keyboard and probably has the word “Print Screen” or “PrtScn” written right on it. Press this button and open up MS Paint (or any other program installed on your Windows system that allows you to edit images). If you’re running a Windows system that has not been tampered with on an administrator level then MS Paint is already installed . Once you have MS Paint open on your desktop, simply “Paste” (either right click and select Paste or hold Control and press V) the image. From here you can easily crop the image to your size requirements, save and send it to whoever you would like.

If you do not wish to take the extra step and crop the image, you might want to invest in a program called SnagIt, but it is for purchase.

Mac Users:

The Mac method of taking a screen shot is very simple. Again, open up your Internet browser and navigate to something you would like to take a screen shot of. Then, hold “Command” and “Shift” at the same time and then press “4.” You’ll notice that your mouse cursor has changed from an arrow or a fingertip to what looks like a bulls-eye. You are now in “capture” mode and you can click and drag the bulls-eye over top of anything you want. When you release the mouse button, you’ll notice that a new file has been created and saved right to your desktop. At this point you can easily rename the file and send it.