New Facebook Scam Spreading Like Wildfire

There’s a new bit of weirdness going around Facebook, and it’s more than a little unsettling. You may or may not have already experienced it, but here’s how it works:

You are passed a link that states “99% of people can’t watch this video more than 25 seconds”, with an image of a woman covering her face, as if to illustrate the point. Once the link is clicked, you are shown a provocative image that looks like a screen capture of a movie file. Beneath this is the legend “Copy the code below, paste it into your browser’s address bar and press enter to load this video_Plz wait 7 – 8 secs before processing!!!”

At this point, you will — or at least, you should — have noticed that the code you’re being asked to copy and paste is javascript, which is your signal to stop right there and tell everyone you know about this. If, however, you go ahead and drop the code into your address bar and activate it, you are rapidly shown a screen that informs you that your friends list is being accessed, and right after that, a message that the message is being posted to your profile.

After that, a security check, and a message that asks if you want to navigate away from the page. You’re given the opportunity to take a “SPAM-free market research survey” to gain access to “special content”. As if all of that weren’t special enough. You will find that all of your friends have been sent the initial link, and according to the embedded video below, at the time of the recording, the thing had reached nearly 600,000 Facebook users. I don’t know the full extent of what this thing might do, but it hit fast and hard. Spread the word to your fellow Facebookers and always be careful with what you click!