Borders Opens E-Book Store

Borders is no longer only accessible by car.

Wednesday (July 7), Borders announced the release of its new e-book store powered by Kobo.  You can download one of the free eReader apps directly from the Borders website.  Each app is specific to its platform, so make sure you’re downloading the right one when you do.

Using your app of choice, you can download and read ebooks, but you can also browse or search for specific titles and manage your ebook libraries.  You’ll have to set up an account with Borders before you can start the download, but those with Borders Rewards can experience additional benefits like exclusive offers and special gift cards.

Borders also has dedicated eReaders available.  The Kobo reader sells for around $149, comes with over 100 free ebooks, and is in the stores and online, while the cheaper Aluratek Libre Reader ($119) is only available for purchase online.  The store also carries the Sony Touch and Sony Pocket readers.

Borders is a little late in the game when it comes to the book game.  Amazon and Apple seem to have a corner on the ebook market, while Barnes & Noble offers cheaper rates for paper books than Borders.  Is this new ebook store going to be worth the effort or will it prove to be the company’s salvation?