Torrent Sites and Government Working Together?

I think hell just might have frozen over. Who would have thought that you’d ever see a story about a U.S. Attorney General and a torrent site teaming up to fight crime? It’s like Batman and Robin. Shaggy and Scooby. Sherlock Holmes and Wat…okay. You get the idea. Seriously though, this is great.

IsoHunt has become the first BitTorrent site in history to become part of New York Attorney General Cuomo’s hash value database program, which helps to combat the distribution of child pornography. When asked to join, the Canadian-based site immediately said yes. That not only makes them the first torrent site, but also the first international site to join. As a Canadian, something about that just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside.

The database allows websites to prevent thousands of child pornography links being shared across the Internet. As of right now it’s mainly used by social networking giants such as Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster. What Cuomo does is provide hashes, names, and file sizes of pornography in their possession. That can then be used as a filter to weed out the criminals. It’s more effective than keywords, which is what the MPAA uses to crack down on piracy.

Funny thing about the MPAA, too. They’re currently involved in a lawsuit with IsoHunt over illegal file sharing. The MPAA wanted IsoHunt to use a keyword filter, but they’re appealing that request because they think hash tags would be more effective, saying that keyword filters would cause too much collateral damage. Interesting, huh? Makes you wonder if IsoHunt is not only doing this to help fight crime, but also to prove a point to the MPAA. Provide us with hash tags, and we’ll help you fight piracy like we’re doing with child pornography.

Regardless, this is a huge stepping stone in what some see as the future of Internet crime fighting. Instead of the government cracking down on these torrent sites in order to stop piracy and evil doers, they should be working with them, like AG Cuomo is doing. I mean, let’s face it, as soon as one site gets shut down for hosting TV shows or movies, 10 other ones take its place. There is no way to fight SkyNet, folks. It has become self aware. Embrace it, work with it, love it. In the end, the Internet will be a better place without the scum of the earth flashing pics of naked kids all around, and we’ll all get to live in harmony. Doesn’t that sound great? Yet, why don’t I think that will ever happen?