‘Modern Warfare’ Resurgence Map Pack Drops for PS3 Today

Resurgence Map Pack PS3

So you don’t have an Xbox and thus have avoided the red ring of death, but now have to wait for games to release extra things to you.  It’s totally worth it, right? Especially when they’re free action games!

Modern Warfare 2 released their Resurgence Map Pack for Xbox 360 back in June due to a timed exclusivity contract.  After the month long wait, the Resurgence Map Pack for PS3 and PC will be available for purchase today (July 6) in the United States and tomorrow (July 7) in Europe.

This special downloadable content adds five maps to Modern Warfare 2- Vacant and Strike from the first Modern Warfare, and Carnival, Trailer Park, and Fuel, which were all new with the Xbox 360 release.  The Carnival map includes a Ferris wheel and fun house, Trailer Park features “super tight corridors”, and Fuel is a sniper map based on an oil refinery.

The Resurgence Map Pack costs $15 to download, which seems a tad ridiculous, but it’s the same price as the Stimulus Pack that dropped in April.  Despite the price, the Stimulus Pack sold 2.5 million copies in its first week with one million of those sales being in the first 24 hours, breaking Xbox Live records.  It’s projected that the Resurgence Map Pack will do just as well.

There’s no word on the exact time of the content’s availability, but it will be before the end of the day.  Will you be downloading it?