How to Keep Your Email Private at Work

Most offices have that one person that needs to know everybody’s business. When you are trying to keep your private life private, you need to take special precautions with your email at work. Some people will do anything to get ahead, even using personal emails against other employees. Following the steps below will help you to avoid prying eyes.

Set you password to something no one would guess. Don’t use names of family or birthdays. Ideally you should have a password that is at least eight characters long and should include capital letters as well as numbers.  It should be changed on a regular basis, such as once a month, for maximum protection.  If you think someone is watching over your shoulder when you type it, change it immediately. Never write your password down and leave it in your desk or office. If you must write it down, keep it in your wallet.

Minimize your mail program as soon as you get finished reading it. Only maximize your email when no one is around. For extra precautions, you can close the email completely and only open it when you are ready to read it.

Password protect your screensaver and turn the screensaver on every time you leave your desk. This password should never be the same as your email password. This ensures that anyone who walks by your computer has to do more than move your mouse to see your files.

Most companies have the ability to access and read company emails. If you have extremely sensitive information you don’t want anyone to find out about, set up a web based email like Yahoo or Gmail, for personal emails. This ensures none of those emails get downloaded to your work computer.

Not every coworker is conniving, but a few are. It is better to be cautious with your email than to have your personal life spread all over the office.