Weekly Roundup: iPhones, Kin and Moonbase Alpha (Video)

This week smartphones have been the main heartbeat and soul of tech news. First it was the launch of Apple’s newest iPhone, version 4. Then there is the ongoing issue with poor reception and dropped calls, which has still gone unanswered, despite Apple’s best attempts. Finally, just six short weeks into its lifespan, Microsoft mercifully killed the Kin. ┬áSo, aside from all of that hoopla, what else is going on? Take a look at the links below to find out. We’ve got a new multiplayer simulation game coming out on July 6th from NASA. How cool is that? Now, even I can become an astronaut. After that, we find out about Droid’s new upgrades (rumored) and a few good apps that let you do thing like … deposit paper checks into your bank account from anywhere. Say what? Yeah, you go first and let me know how it turns out , okay? Well, there’s a couple of links after that, but I’ll let you explore those on your own. Have a safe Fourth of July weekend, and we’ll meet you back here on the flip side, next week!

NASA Introducing “Moonbase Alpha”, a 3-D Game Set on the Moon (PopSci)

Droid Incredible OTA update said to be bringing mobile hotspot, 720p recording (Engadget)

iPhone app lets you deposit paper checks from anywhere (DVICE)

Facebook Unveils Suggested Interests List (TechCrunch)

Google Voice desktop app video released, still does not mean its coming available (GadgeTell)


Weekly Roundup: iPhones, Kin and Moonbase Alpha (Video) — 2 Comments

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