PriceGrabber App For iPad Launches


With the recession still in full swing, people are looking to save money wherever they can.  As a result, has decided to take pity on us and give us the PriceGrabber App for the iPad.  It’s available for free download off of iTunes.

The function of the app is to help the consumer find the product they want for the best price.  You search for a product through the app and PriceGrabber will compare prices from online vendors along with offering reviews of the product for viewing.  You can use the BottomLinePrice feature which displays the absolute lowest price including tax and shipping.

My favorite feature has to be GiftShaker.  I struggle to find gifts for folks, but this feature will suggest gift ideas to you from a variety of categories.  I’d imagine this feature may also look at your Favorites and generate ideas from there as well.

This app sounds great, but it looks like it’s only available to iPad users.  With the iPhone 4 hitting the market and the record breaking sales that came with it, you’d think this app would be available for it.  I’m guessing the general assumption is that you don’t go shopping online from your smart phone.


PriceGrabber App For iPad Launches — 2 Comments

  1. The app is available for the iPhone and for the Android also. It works great on the iPhone 4.

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