Microsoft Pulls the Plug on the Kin


The Microsoft Kin was supposed to be the social networking phone to beat all social networking phones, but just six short weeks after its launch Microsoft has decided to bury it. The core group of developers on the Kin have been removed from the project and integrated into the Windows Phone 7 team.

So what killed the Kin?

Reception to the phone was, needless to say, underwhelming.  Sales were super low- so low that Microsoft will neither confirm nor deny that only 500 were sold total.  In addition, Verizon’s data plan for the Kin was similar to smart phone pricing, but without the actual benefit of a smart phone.  The phone price itself was drastically reduced to offset these costs, but it wasn’t enough.  I’d also imagine the young, hipster-like commercials threw people off (I hate those commercials).

Those who did buy the Kin will continue to get Microsoft and Verizon support and I do believe the already created Kins will continue to be up for sale.  However, the phone will not be available overseas as was projected for the fall.

Honestly, is anyone surprised?  The phone that should have been aimed at teenagers was aimed at young adults who, at this point, are purchasing better phones.    The Kin studio was a nice feature, but I’d almost market it as “Parents!  Watch what your kids are doing with their phones!” rather than “Manage your pictures online.”  Use that Big Brother feel the studio gives to your advantage Microsoft!