5 Classic Games You Probably Forgot About

I have to admit that I don’t play many video games these days. I’m usually too busy working or doing stuff with the family, so I don’t have much time to sit down in front of the television or computer and lose myself for a couple of hours in something I used to enjoy so much. That’s okay, though. Why? Well, from what I’ve seen of today’s video games, they just don’t compare with the ones I used to play as a kid. Heck, I played so many games as a kid that if you just said a title, it would probably jar my memory enough to send me off in a nostalgic stare for a few minutes, while I thought about how much fun it was. In the spirit of nostalgia then, I present to you five classic videos games that you’ve probably forgotten about, but are sure to bring a glimmer to your eye. Tissue is optional.

1. Bubble Bobble

Shame on you for forgetting about Bub and Bob, two dragons who used bubbles to trap their enemies and then burst them into oblivion. While the graphics may have been nothing special, the music was killer, and that’s what I remember most about Bubble Bobble.

2. Jungle Hunt

Oh man, remember this one? Jungle Hunt was probably the first game on the Atari that I actually enjoyed. I remember swinging from vine to vine for hours, and killing crocodiles underwater with my tiny knife. The trick was to always come at them from the bottom, then slice them to a flashing death. Oh, and don’t forget about the restless natives at the end that you had to jump over to save the girl. I’m drooling right now just thinking about it.

3. Ghosts ‘n Goblins

Did you know that Ghosts ‘n Goblins is considered one of the most difficult video games ever released? Maybe it’s because you could only be hit twice before dying, or perhaps because each of your lives had a time limit on it. No, wait. It’s because the big boss at the end of each level was a pain in the ass to kill. Yeah, that’s it. Either way, I don’t think I ever defeated this one, therefore it must be hard. Cause, you know, I’m pretty good.

4. Missile Command

Okay, I know what you’re thinking and yes, Missile Command was no breakthrough game in terms of graphics, but it is regarded as one of the best games ever for the Atari, and that makes it a classic. Remember lining up the cross-hairs and firing away? I do, for many, many, many hours. How about the sound it made when you blew something up? Pure awesome!

5. Splatterhouse

If ever there was a ripoff of Friday the 13th, this game is it. I first encountered this in an arcade in Canada, and waited forever for it to come into my home. I seem to recall playing it in my bedroom at one point, but that must have been on the PC. Either way, Splatterhouse was probably one of the most violent video games I ever played as a kid, controlling Rick who looked a hell of a lot like Jason Voorhees on steroids, while he battled through enemies with chainsaws, axes, and yes, machetes. I think the big boss at the end of the first level looked like Leatherface, too. Man, what a game. The best part? It’s coming back, baby. Check out the new trailer below!