Sony Recalls Half Million Laptops With Heat Problems

This past Wednesday, Sony announced it would be recalling 535,000 Vaio notebooks because of heat issues.  That’s 259,000 laptops in the U.S., 103,000 in Europe, 120,000 in Asia, and 52,000 in Japan and includes the F and C series that have been on the market since January.

Apparently there’s an issue with the temperature control in  that can cause excessive heat buildup.  This heat can get so intense it may distort the shape of the computer and possibly burn human skin.  Although Sony has only received 39 reports of overheating, the tech company decided to air on the side of caution.

Surprisingly enough though, this defect can be fixed with a download. Hiroyuki Kachi of the Wall Street Journal has pointed out that a simple software fix will clear up the issue with minimal effort, but if you’re uncomfortable doing it yourself, Sony will arrange to pick up the affected unit.

Sony has been experiencing random overheating issues with their products since 2006.  Back then, Sony notebook batteries started overheating and/or exploding, causing issues for not only Sony but every company that uses the batteries.  In 2008, Sony recalled 400,000 notebooks for heating issues as well.  While this current recall does pose problems, Sony doesn’t think it will hurt their future earnings too much.

How do you know if your computer may be in trouble?  Head over to the website provided by Sony and check your notebook’s serial number.  If it’s flagged, you can download the update from that very same page and ta-da, you’re all done.  Just be careful not to burn yourself while getting there.