Windows 8 Leaked?

Nearly 18 supposedly confidential Microsoft documents have surfaced that allegedly leak information on the latest upgrade to PCs- Windows 8.  Is this Microsoft’s iPhone 4?

New features seem to be the big thing for Windows 8.  It seems that Microsoft will be looking to put their products under three broad umbrellas in the future- the Lap PC, the Workhorse PC, and the Family Hub PC.

The Workhorse PC is pretty much what we already use.  Microsoft wants to boost that performance by adding the feature “My PC Knows Me,” which is essentially facial recognition software.  The idea is that when you walk in the room, the PC will scan you, determine that you’re the PC owner, and wake itself.  By the time you sit down, the computer’s warmed up and will log you in by scanning your face.  When you’re done and you leave, the proximity sensor sees that no one is around, logs you off, and puts itself to sleep.  While this idea sounds nice in theory, it also sounds like we’re inching closer and closer to being in the Matrix.

Lap PC is pretty much a rip off of the iPad.  It’s a tablet, does pretty much everything that an iPad does, only it has the Microsoft logo on it.  The big difference is the tie in to the “My PC Knows Me” software- the Lap PC will also have something called attention detection software.  The scenario given is that you’re playing a game and someone knocks on your door.  You look away from the game and the tablet senses your eyes are no longer looking at it, automatically making the game pause for you.  Is anyone creeped out yet?

The Family Hub PC idea is actually nothing new.  The idea is that all of the electronics in your house are connected, allowing them to share information with each other.  You can already do this through a number of products (Apple TV, Windows Home Server, etc.), but the process is difficult and Windows will have to streamline it to make it worth it.

It all sound so 1984 to me.  My computer’s watching me?  I’ll go hide under the bed now.