Hulu has given in to the pressure to produce more profit and is now offering a $10 subscription fee to folks for extra content, called Hulu Plus.

If you decide you can’t live without having full access to Hulu, shelling out $10 a month isn’t bad and you get a pretty good deal for your money.  Your $10 gets you access to tons of popular television episodes young and old- including Glee, The Office, House and other shows from broadcasters ABC, Fox and NBC, as well as all the past seasons of several series.

According to the Miami Herald, “The new site is initially available by invitation only on computers, Apple Inc.’s iPad and iPhones and certain Samsung Blu-ray players and TVs. It’s coming soon to Sony Corp.’s PlayStation 3 and some of its TVs and Blu-ray players, and there are plans to launch on Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox early next year.”  The application available for Apple technology is free to download from the App Store, and offers a free preview of what the service will offer.

This addition of a subscription fee is not a surprise as it was announced in April that this idea would be going forward.  The popular company has been experiencing a lot of pressure from parent companies News Corp., General Electric Co.’s NBC Universal, The Walt Disney Co. and Providence Equity Partners to make more money, despite earning $100 million from advertising on the site.

You’ll still be able to access the basic site for free, at least for now.  It may be possible that Hulu will move to subscription only, like Netflix.