YouTube Adds Vuvuzela Button To Videos

YouTube Vuvuzela

The 2010 World Cup has been taking over the Internet since it started this year, with the new craze, the “vuvuzela,” being among the most reported on.

This large horn who’s name oddly resembles female anatomy (you were thinking it too, don’t lie) makes a loud bellowing sound that will deafen anyone around you while showing how excited you are for the sport.  YouTube has decided that the world doesn’t have enough vuvuzela noise and has added a button to their videos that allows you to make the sound during the video’s playtime.

Not every video gets this button as I looked at the video of the day from two days ago on YouTube and it didn’t have the button.  However, the video from yesterday has one (the button looks like a little soccer ball).  So if you agreed with me that the video’s music needed something else, you can add the sultry sounds of the vuvuzela to his revealing of his new iPhone.  Or better yet, add it to this panda’s sneezing video because it so needs it.

Honestly, I think this takes things a bit too far.  I know the world has World Cup fever (I see the searches on trends every day) but do we really need a loud horn noise buzzing during videos?  I hope the YouTube vuvuzela goes the way of the dinosaurs sooner than later.

I’m going to go home, turn off the television, and listen to the sound of silence.  My head hurts now.