Hundreds Line Up for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Lines

So today’s (June 24) the big day and the iPhone 4 lines are wrapped around buildings.

Hundreds waited outside Tokyo stores to be among the first to get their hands on the new phone, including some folks who camped out the night before.  As the sun continued to make its way West, more lines were revealed with (what looks to me) the U.S.A. having the most zealous followers.

There’s no head count in New York (PC World says “Hundreds”), but Engadget shows a picture of Menlo Park, NJ, where two lines of over 300 people each have gathered.  The pictures of the San Jose, CA, store look absolutely insane with the line stretching way into the distance.  There was even a line of over 150 people as of 11:30 p.m. EST last night in Tampa, FL, camping out for their phones!

If you don’t feel like waiting in lines, Gizmodo has spotlighted an app that may help you.  The “Line Snob” App scans the amount of people already in lines (not sure how) and shows you how long you’ll have to wait at each location.  Its handiness doesn’t just extend to the madness of today- you can check line times at the airport or at special events as well.

For those of you waiting in line for the new iPhone 4, I salute you.  I do not have that kind of patience and I’m a talker.  Share your line horror stories in the comments below!  I’d love to hear them!