Daily Link Roundup

Who said Wednesdays were boring? It’s been a pretty interesting day all around as we had an earthquake in Canada, another BP screw up in the Gulf of Mexico, and if you were on the internet, the big buzz was the Droid X from Mororola and Verizon. Looks pretty sweet if you ask me. A good alternative to the iPhone, that’s for sure. You know what else is sweet? A fail whale cake. Seriously, this thing has more icing than Betty Crocker. Okay, maybe not that much, but enough to keep your dentist happy, that’s for sure. Kobo is pretty sweet, too. Well, in a “Awe, look at the little Kobo,” kind of way, as they try and compete with the big boys by releasing reader apps for the iPhone and BlackBerry. FYI Kobo: No one’s buying your schtick, so move along, move along. Finally, there’s the world’s fastest scanner, which can process a 200-page book in 60 seconds. Enter digital pirates. Here’s your Daily Link Roundup, folks.

Motorola Droid X for Verizon official: July 15 for $200 (Engadget)

Kobo also has reader apps available on webOS, the iPhone & the BlackBerry (GadgeTell)

Unconfirmed Leak: AT&T Will Lock In iOS 4 Phones With OTA Updates (Gizmodo)

Yup, iPhone 4s Are Already Being Scratched (GadgetReview)

World’s fastest scanner captures a 200-page book in 60 seconds (DVice)

Fail Whale Cake Makes Sour Situation Sweet [PHOTO] (Mashable)

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