AVG Releases LinkScanner For Mac

Mac users have historically displayed a somewhat justified smugness in regards to virus protection. After all, as the underdog in the computing market for decades, very few Mac-based attacks ever came out of the Internet’s more seedy regions. PCs were easy targets: they were plentiful, they had numerous security holes, and they were at the core of many online businesses.

While this continues to a certain extent today, it’s clear that the Mac’s market share is on the rise, not only through adoption by previous PC-only users, but also via the advent and rise of the iPhone and the iPad. Macs are increasingly in the spotlight these days, and it’s only a matter of time before some enterprising cracker decides to exploit the relative ignorance of the Mac community by releasing a devastating virus, trojan, or worm.

Fortunately, popular antivirus company AVG has foreseen this and released a new, free product on the market: LinkScanner for the Mac. Like its PC counterpart, LinkScanner protects Mac computers preemptively by warning users of potentially hazardous websites before they can be accessed. It does this by checking each web page in real-time, and if there are security problems associated with it, the user is prevented from even opening the page.

Likewise, search results are also scanned, with safety ratings displayed next to each result to let the user know how safe accessing that link might be.

LinkScanner is the only product available for the Mac by AVG, but it’s likely only a matter of time before a full-fledged commercial product is introduced. It’s time that Mac users accept that their window of safety is growing slimmer by the day, and to arm themselves against whatever is on the horizon.