Tuesday Tip: Changing Your Gmail Background

Personalization and customization are important in our digital world right now. We no longer like seeing what everyone else sees because we’re individuals. We like to see what we want to see and we like to experience the web on our own terms – not by another person’s standards. This week’s tip is just the beginning on how to accomplish something like this as there are tons of ways to personalize the web for your own experience.

This week’s tip is about changing you’re Gmail theme – which includes the background.

If you don’t currently have a Gmail account, I really suggest getting one. They are fast, easy to use and partially customizable. Once you secure yourself an account, simply click on the “Settings” link located right next to your user name.

Once in the settings, click on the “Themes” tab and Gmail will show you a host of options to choose from. Personally, I like the Graffiti Theme, but they have everything from pebble images to an old skool terminal style. If none of the Gmail themes suit you, then there is also a “Random” choice that will pick on for you or a “Choose Your Own Colors” theme that will allow you to customize your background colors.