No one wants to be stranded without their cell phone and there is nothing more frustrating than having your BlackBerry battery give out on you when you need it most. There are a few simple steps you can take to make sure your BlackBerry has the battery life you need.

Adjust your backlight’s brightness to use less battery. To do this, go to Options, Screen/Keyboard and Backlight brightness. Change the brightness to anything up to 50. Mine is set to 10 and it works great. Another setting you can adjust here is the Backlight timeout. This sets the time the backlight stays on after the phone is used. Change this setting to 20 seconds.

Change your phones ring profile. Go to the profile menu, select Advanced and Active. Set your active profile to vibrate as often as possible. You can even set the number of vibrations to two and save a tremendous amount of battery. If you set your text messages to beep instead of ring, and set the volume to medium, you will save hours of battery life.

If you use a hip mounted holster, you can select a profile for when the phone is in the holster. If the Advanced Active profile options select Repeat Notification. Find the LED flashing option of in holster and change this to none.

Set your wireless options to only connect when you need them. So, go into the Internet or wireless settings and change it to connect when prompted.

Clean the battery connections. Over-time the power cord connectors and the port in the phone can become dusty. Use electronic Q-tips and cleaning wipes to remove this dust.

If you follow the tips above you should see a big change in your battery usage. Batteries do wear down over time and occasionally it is vital to replace the battery. If the battery is running down too fast or will not hold a charge, replace as soon as possible.