Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer

The latest gadget to be announced in the long line of Sony products (anyone want a lollipop?  Oh wait, that’s a motion controller) is the Sony Dash.

It looks like it has the abilities of a tablet, but is a free standing item.  The Dash is supposed to give you the Internet at your fingertips.  It’s larger than a smart phone (which also gives you Internet), but smaller than the iPad (which… also gives you Internet… I’m noticing a pattern) and gives you nugget sized bites of web surfing at a time.  The price tag is around the $200 range, give or take $20, but is it worth shelling out the money?

PC World’s review of the Dash is not favorable, calling it “a glorified alarm clock.”  You can watch movies (via Netflix) and listen to Internet radio or podcasts, but the single best feature is that it gives you weather reports and other information you typically look up on your desktop when it wakes you up.  The best review I’ve seen written for it was on and the product was recommended for senior citizens for its ease of use.

The main problem the Dash has is that in order for there to be any Internet, you have to have Wi-Fi.  If you already have Wi-Fi, why not just buy a laptop?  If you’re looking for ease, the lowest on the rung iPad doesn’t cost much more than the Dash and probably gives more to the user (remember that lady who can finally read again now that she has an iPad?).

PC World says the Dash is a good alarm clock of the future.  You know what’s also a good alarm clock of the future?  A smart phone.  Same features and it takes phone calls.  Beat that Dash.  Oh, you can’t?  Too bad.

Save your money folks.