Our Top 5 Favorite Things at E3 2010

The Electronics Entertainment Expo, also known as E3, just wrapped up in Los Angeles, California. It’s the largest gaming convention in the world as all the developers show off the latest hardware and software they have in development for the next year. It’s impossible to see everything unless you are an outlet like G4 or IGN who have total access so, we are just going to highlight our five favorite things we saw at the event. Check ’em out.

1. Nintendo 3DS

For the teenage crowd, a Nintendo DS is almost as necessary an accessory as a cell phone. However, Nintendo is going to take portable gaming to a whole new level with their latest creation, the 3DS. It looks just like a normal DS except that now you can play games or watch movies in 3D. Without glasses. Sure, the second you don’t look directly into the screen the image gets blurry but when you are looking, the image is revolutionary. You can’t believe you are looking at it. Images don’t pop out of the screen though, they feel like the screen goes deeper into the dish. Third party developers are already creating games, your old school games are being converted and 3D is about to change all over again. No release date is set.

2. Rage

The latest first person shooter from the guys that brought you Wolfenstein 3D and Doom II, Rage has some of the most impressive graphics ever seen on a console with fast paced action with role playing elements. Sort of Fallout 3 meets Quake II with a little Need for Speed sprinkled in, Rage is set in a world of mutants after an asteroid the earth. It won a ton of awards at the festival and was only viewed by appointment. People will certainly be making an appointment to get it when it comes out. A 2011 release date is planned for PS3, X-Box 360 and PC release.

3. Mortal Kombat

Finish him! The classic 1990s video game has gone through a whole bunch of different evolutions over the years but this time, it’s going back to basics. Hardcore violence, 2D fighting plane, all the classic characters and levels with enhanced 3D graphics and more. Of course there will still be a ton of unlockables, all of the moves you’ve come to know and love and more fatalities than you can shake a severed head at. The coolest new feature, though, is once you built up enough points, you can unleash X-Ray attacks where the game zooms in on specific hits and you can literally see bones break. It’s awesome and will be released in 2011 for PS3 and X-Box 360.

4. The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

One of the most storied franchises in video game history is back on Nintendo Wii in 2011 and while an amazing story and gameplay are all be assured under the watchful eye of legendary creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, the big change is that using the Wii motion sensors, you now have almost full control of Link. Your Wii-mote is now the sword, your Nunchuck is the shield and your slashing and stabbing motions are mirrored on the game. It sounds way more complicated than it is and it adds a whole new level of fun, physicality and most important, psychology, to the game.

5. Dance Central

Harmonix, the guys who created Guitar Hero and Rock Band, announced their latest title – Dance Central at E3. The difference between all these games though is that with Dance Central, there are no controlers. No pads to step on. No – you just dance and mimic the characters on screen. How is this possible? With the brand new Microsoft Kinect. One of the simplest concepts ever, the game just screams fun and mega hit. It’ll be out in November at at same time as the Kinect for X-Box 360 only.