Ocarina Of Time Gets The 3D Treatment

I’m probably in the minority here, but there’s nothing about the resurgence of 3D that’s particularly interesting to me. Oh sure, some of the effects are pretty impressive; I remember being wowed by the tiny motes floating across my field of vision while watching Avatar, for instance. But after about 10 minutes, my brain stopped noticing it and I was able to focus on the action.

3D has never been a selling point for me. I care more about story, interactivity, and emotion than on tricking my brain into seeing something that isn’t really there. So I have mixed feelings about the brand-news (see what I did there?) coming from E3 that perhaps the most beloved Legend of Zelda game The Ocarina of Time will be coming to the Nintendo 3DS.

Fans have been clamoring for a graphically-updated re-release of Ocarina for years, and from the screenshots shown at the Nintendo press event, they’ve done an admirable job of making everything look pretty. And for me, that would be enough, and more than enough. It might actually get me to buy the 3DS when it comes out. But if they’re going to force me to play it in some weird 3D mode, then I’m probably happy enough with the original N64 version, thanks very much.

Arguably, 3D as an immersive experience is ruined by displaying it on anything smaller than a movie screen. I realize there are 3D television sets out there, and I think that’s pushing it. So to drop it even further down to handheld system size is ludicrous. For those of you who remember playing the original Ocarina, do you really think the game would be improved by adding another dimension?

Of course, at this early stage, we don’t actually know for a fact that the game will play in 3D; we only know that it’s planned for release on the 3DS. If Nintendo is wise — and I could make a case both for and against that presumption — they will find a way to offer players the option of 3D or straight 2D. That way we all come away happy, and I can finally stop my angry fist-shaking at the sky, which will please my co-workers no end.