iPhone 4 Sold Out!

iPhone 4 Sold Out

If you missed the chance to pre-order your iPhone 4 yesterday, I’m sorry, but you’re up the creek.  The newest version of Apple’s iPhone sold out around 1:30 p.m. PDT.

AT&T confirmed to Engadget, “As of Tuesday afternoon, customers who pre-order the iPhone 4 moving forward will receive their device on June 25 or later, depending on when the order is placed.”  Orders placed on Apple’s site going forward won’t be shipped until July 2.

Unfortunately, the pre-order process yesterday wasn’t remotely smooth.  The site was peppered with technical problems and some who would have gotten their order in without fail lost their chance to get the pre-order as a result of these issues.  The error message on AT&T’s site read, “There was a problem with your request. We’re sorry, but we are experiencing a system error that prevents us from completing your request.”  Apple wasn’t free from problems either.  The new retail screen that was put in solely for the purpose of pre-order would freeze on “Processing,” then crash.

The biggest problem AT&T encountered yesterday was the accidental outing of some of its customers’ private information on the website.  AT&T told Gizmodo that the error was a “bug” that was due to a “major fraud update that went wrong.”  This is not the first time this has happened and I’m sure it won’t be the last.

Despite the massive fail of AT&T and Apple, both retailers’ stock of the iPhone 4 sold out.  If you want the phone, you’ll have to wait in line at stores (they’ll be selling them on a first come, first serve basis) or order now and get the phone after launch day.  Not the best choices to be presented with, but lines can be thrilling, right?  Make some new friends and lament how lame AT&T’s service is?

(Sorry for ragging on AT&T so much, but I’m a Verizon customer and you know how it is.)