Starcraft II Battlenet Is Down – Now What?

For Starcraft enthusiasts like myself, the news about Battlenet coming down on June 7th was heart breaking to say the least. Although Blizzard originally planned to bring down Battlenet on May 31st and then extended the date to June 7th, it is currently no longer running. The news of Battlenet‘s return before the July 27th release of the full game is also cloudy. So now what?

Well, let’s take a look at Wings of Liberty, the first edition of Starcraft II campaign being released into stores on July 27th. Like the original Starcraft, the single player campaign mode will require the player to complete missions. Wings of Liberty looks to have about 29 missions that can be played in any order. These missions include everything from defending against an enemy, going stealth for a rescue mission or simply obliterating the opposition. With new animation, new voices and brand new cut scenes, the Starcraft storyline looks to push the player through the ups and downs of the wars between Terran, Protoss and Zerg.

But this is where players could become frustrated. Wings of Liberty only allows players to use Terran during campaign and Blizzard plans to release Protoss and Zerg as expansion packs later on. I’m not typically a Terran player as I like to rush, but the thought of waiting even longer to play the campaign mode with Zerg is frustrating.

Battlenet is down and we’re not sure when it is coming back – the only thing left to do now is wait for Wings of Liberty.