iPhone 4 Ready For Pre-Order

iPhone 4 Pre-Order

Are you itching to get your hands on the shiny new model of the iPhone?  Then hold on to your seat- the iPhone 4 is ready for pre-orders!

So how do you get your iPhone 4 pre-order?  Your best bet is to head on over to the Apple store.  You can only pre-order the phone in black at the moment, so if you want your iPhone in white, you’ll just have to wait in line.  Apple is guaranteeing the iPhone 4 to be on your doorstep on launch day (June 24), so if you like security, I’d stick with Apple’s website.  You can pre-order from AT&T’s site, but you won’t be getting your phone until the 25th.

Third party sites are also taking pre-orders, but there’s no way to tell how reliable they are.  Radio Shack is set for the launch on June 24 and you can make a pre-order in stores.  However, you’ll still have to wait in line and pick up the phone, just like the other schmucks.  Best Buy is offering pretty much the same deal, only you have to deposit $50 (which will taken off the price tag once you purchase the phone).  Many Best Buy stores will be opening early so pre-ordered phones can be picked up with less hassle.

Engadget contacted Walmart yesterday (who’s supposedly also taking pre-orders) and said the chain was “clueless about the situation.”  “We weren’t able to find any sales clerks at any of the locations we contacted that knew how, or if, pre-orders would be taken tomorrow (two didn’t even know there was a new iPhone, and instead insisted we were referring to the $97 deal on the 3GS),” said the tech website.  Basically, I’d go with other options before attempting Walmart, even if they might save you a dollar or two.

So there you have it!  If you can live with an AT&T contract for two years, go ahead and grab yourself a pre-order for the iPhone 4!