Xbox360 Slim Outed Early By Italian Ad

Xbox 360 Slim

Whoops!  The Italian site Console Tribe accidentally (or maybe intentionally, who knows) put forth an advertisement showing off the Xbox 360 Slim before the product was actually announced at E3.

The ad first let slip about the Kinect, the renamed product for “Project Naval,” but Microsoft jumped up and gave a full out release for the Kinect in turn.  Then the ad shows the very angular game system that’s obviously an Xbox 360, but it doesn’t really look like an Xbox 360 (and what we’re hoping is the Slim).

The ad mentions that this new model is compatible with the Kinect and invites you to “live today.”  Engadget speculates that the actual release of this product will most likely go live tomorrow- Console Tribe just jumped the gun.

There have been rumors about the Xbox 360 Slim circulating for some time now.  Engadget showed off the Valhalla motherboard not long ago, saying that information about the board had been leaked onto a Chinese forum.  In addition to that info, the tech reporting site also let slip that Microsoft was hiring a Motherboard Design Engineer for the Xbox 360 Console Development team, whose job would include “specifying, designing, implementing and verifying the mother-board and other various sub-system boards that make up the XBOX 360 product line.”

So will we see more of the Xbox 360 Slim tomorrow?  We can only hope.